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A young female skier wearing colorful gear standing on a covered porch in the snow

Guide to Ski Layers For Women

Tips on how to layer properly for skiing What do dressing to go skiing and a good cake have in common? Layers, lots of layers. Wearing your clothing in layers to go skiing makes it easier to stay warm, dry, and looking fly all day long on the slopes...

Womens Sleeping Bags

How To Choose A Sleeping Bag

How to Choose The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping or Backpacking There is a myriad of options to consider when selecting the right sleeping bag for camping or backpacking. Understanding your use case and needs for sleeping can help you narrow down the...

Kristan Bauer

Kristan is an outdoors gal who loves to spend her time skiing, trail running, and backpacking as much as possible. Kristan has backpacked the John Muir Trail, ice climbed in the North Cascades, and skied throughout North America. Kristan is AIARE 1 avalanche certified and an experienced alpine climber and mountaineer.